• Meet Yohann Gène, the First Black Cyclist Ever in the Tour de France

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  • Samsung Charge YouTube video won't play solution

    I had this problem on my Samsung Charge where YouTube videos would play and I could hear it, but the video was blank. At first I just rebooted and it would then work fine, but I kept having to do this. So I did a search through some forums to see if anyone had found a way to fix it. Most just said to reboot, but that is a hassle that I kept having to do over and over again. But then I found somebody who said they uninstalled the twitter app and it worked fine. So I tried it and that did the trick for me. I use TweetDeck anyway on my android phone so no biggie. Problem solved! Still, what the hell could twitter be doing that would make videos not show?

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  • Tylar Farrar honors Wouter Weylandt in his Tour de France stage 3 win 

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  • Iphone or Android?

    I decided a couple months ago that I was going to finally take the plunge and get a smart phone. I used them a long time ago when I worked at Microsoft on their Windows CE device. But it was big and didn’t have a lot of features that I cared about back then, so never bought one. Then the popularity of the iPhone caught my attention. But since I have a computer everywhere I go, I figured I didn’t really need one. But more recently, the GPS enabled applications started getting press, android started getting popular, friends started getting them, and I noticed people were making money on apps so I decided I needed one.

    But which platform should I choose? At first I thought that since I use a lot of Google products, I should go with Android. But iPhone gets high ratings, is more mature, has more apps and I know more people that have them. I heard that iPhone is tied to iTunes so I downloaded iTunes and gave it a spin. Unfortunately it couldn’t play most of my music since I have mostly wma format music. That reminded me of the reasons I like Windows, you can find software to run anything on it for a lower cost. And I expect Android to be more like Windows.

    So after all my reading and testing I came up with the following criteria for people to make their own decision:

    Choose the iPhone if:

    1. you like apple
    2. you like macs
    3. you like itunes
    4. you don’t use computer’s much
    5. you just want simplicity
    6. you don’t mind spending a little more

    Choose the Android if:

    1. you like windows
    2. you like google
    3. you like gmail
    4. you like flash
    5. you like widgets
    6. you like to customize things
    7. you want speed (4G only on android right now)

    I compared a lot of other criteria, screen size, resolution, battery life, etc. But the above criteria I think are the most important. I got Verizon’s Samsung Charge Android and it’s great, but I’ll bet I would have liked the iPhone as well.

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  • My summer blockbuster voice over from orange.co.uk.

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