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  • Setting up Tumblr

    Still setting things up here on Tumblr.

    I now have Disqus setup for comments. It’s pretty easy to do, and appears to be the front-runner for comment engines of the entire www. It works on wordpress, blogger, tumblr, typepad and movable type. So of course, I also put it up on my blogger site.

    I also have feedburner burning the rss. They were purchased by Google some time ago and handle recording statistics on your site usage. It’s also useful when you move your blog site - your feed stays the same.

    This post was initially created just to claim this blog for technorati through the feedburner feed. I just now removed the link they wanted posted, since it was just for the technorati spider to confirm that I indeed own (or at least have rights to post to) this site.

    Next I would like to get the HTML/CSS looking decent. I have started with the {CustomCSS} theme, and the clear CSS. This theme allows you to modify the look through CSS which is how all sites should be written. So now I can just modify the CSS to adjust the looks to suit my tastes.

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