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  • Why I switched from Google Search to DuckDuckGo

    The main reason I switched from Google Search to DuckDuckGo is because of their  !bang syntax. I use the Chrome browser, and with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, I can bring up searches on ANY website that has search capability directly from the omnibox. Just add a bang syntax after the search term and DuckDuckGo will forward my search to that website. Here are a few that I use regularly:

    • !g                  Google Search
    • !b                  Bing Search
    • !w                 Wikipedia Search
    • !d                  Dictionary Search
    • !t                  Thesaurus Search
    • !clseattle       CraigsList Seattle Search
    • !a                  Amazon Search
    • !eb                eBay Search
    • !mc                MetaCritic Search
    • !i                   Google Images Search
    • !gweek          Google Search this week
    • !gs                Google Shopping Search
    • !gh                Github Search
    • !so                Stack Overflow Search
    • !scala            Scala Language Search

    This list goes on and on and on and on…

    And you can add your own custom bang syntax for the rare search that is not already supported. Or if you want to add custom search options.

    Plus, unlike Google and others, DuckDuckGo doesn’t do any tracking. As you can see from my personal list above, I still use Google Search a lot. But now I have plenty of options - directly from the omnibox.

    PS The omnibox is near the top of the Chrome browser where the webpage URL is displayed. Just below the tabs.

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