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  • Switching from Outlook 2007 to Thunderbird 8 and Lightning

    I’ve been having problems with Outlook 2007 locking up lately. And it wouldn’t connect to my work exchange server for some reason, even though my phone had no problems doing so. And it’s not as friendly about syncing with other apps through caldav and such.
    So I decided to give the latest Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning a chance. Turns out it works great and handles all my email accounts just fine. It can even 2-way sync with my google calendar and Remember the Milk Tasks. And if you add the Google contacts extension, you can do stuff like auto tag groups in your gmail address book and easily filter for them.
    The only hiccup I had was accessing my work exchange account. There is an exchange plugin but it didn’t work. so I installed the DavMail gateway and it works fine.
    So if you’re looking to upgrade your existing email client, try out Thunderbird. It’s particularly useful if you want to see different accounts in one app. Then add the lightning plug-in to get great calendar support as well.
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