Web Development Notes About This Site

This site was created to test and showcase the usage of some recent web technologies including: ASP.NET MVC4, razor, Linq, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Silverlight.

Dynamic css page transitions using css transition and pushState are working if you have a modern browser. Or it uses jQuery animate and hash tags if you're using an older IE.

It also uses Media Queries: Change the width of your browser to a smaller size to see the css changes.

This site incorporates the following javascript code:

  • CSS3 transitions, animations, etc.: Page changes use CSS3 transitions. And look at the title: NeonGuru Test Site - it uses CSS3 animations on plain text. Also - drop shadows, rounded corners, etc.
  • history.pushState: Modern browsers with this capability will change the url without a page hit and use dynamic css page transitions.
  • AutoHistory: for IE, checks the url for a changed hash value, stores history, and performs callbacks when the hash is updated.
  • menu2: simple css modifiable menu based on history.pushState and AutoHistory
  • staticMenu: simple css modifiable menu causing normal page hits
  • Animation Loop: a jquery extension to facilitate easily created animations
  • plus Feed handlers for Tumblr and Blogger: the blog and humor pages are hosted elsewhere - then their feeds are read by the server and shown here.

You can see the older animations on the following pages at Jquery Animation and Silverlight Animation.

Special thanks to the Syntax Highlighter.

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