Check out the dynamic CSS3 page transitions - click on any menu and just the page content area will dynamically update along with the url. For IE, it uses a hash URL and jQuery animate since IE doesn't support pushState or css transitions. And see the blog post for how to do this on your own site: Javascript solution for the Github tree Slider.

This site now runs on MVC4. It also uses jQuery and HTML5 with css3 features. And media queries make it accessible from phones and tablets. Change the width of your browser to a smaller size to see how the css changes. And see how you can do this on your own site here: Mobilize Your Site.

The sister site at showcases other javascript tests like jquery mobile and uses Python, Django and Google App Engine on the server.

Humor is now here: Humor. It uses a feed from another blog that uses iframes for youtube videos that take way to long to load. Dynamic paging suffered so it was demoted from being a tab.

Older Animations are now here:

Jquery Animation

Silverlight Animation